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Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are the best thing you could possibly be doing to gain more clients.  You get to choose exactly who your ads are shown to, which for any given industry, is a very specific type of person.  If done correctly, it is also the cheapest form of advertising to this day.  In some industries, the cost per click on an ad is just a few cents.  That means whenever someone clicks on that ad, it cost the advertiser an average of a few cents.  For example, in the real estate industry, a lead costs around $10.  For apparel ads, the cost per click is only around $0.45!  Since Facebook ads have seven different ad types, you have options as to where you send users who interact with your ad.  The main two places would be to send them to a lead form, or your website.  You can also set them up to have your targets call you.

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